‘civilizations in embrace’ book cover

iseas-yusof ishak institute
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Southeast Asia, as a region, has historically been a melting pot; a place of confluence of various cultures and intermingling with indigenous ones. One of the cultures that exerted a great deal of influence to Southeast Asia was India. This book by Amtiav Acharya investigates the various explanations of the spread of Indians ideas, culture and religion and what were the key political and institutional outcomes.

This book cover design for the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies features an Indian miniature painting of the Author’s collection of people bringing gifts to traders and nobles before they embark on a journey on the magnificent Hamsa barge. The Author wanted to use this picture as a main feature of the cover to express the manifold gifts that the Indians wanted to bring to Southeast Asia when they came on the journey. Using one of diamond shape decorative element found on the painting, we used it as a metaphor for the seeds of influences that would spread all over the region.