The Word and Image programme booklet

Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore

Creative and Art Director
Bryan Angelo Lim

Graphic Designer
Victoria Lee
Bryan Angelo Lim

Dominie Press

The Indian artist and craftsperson have been a champion of India’s traditions, producing an amalgamation of inherited ancient wisdom and artistic inspiration. They have been artists and creators inspired by the socio-cultural systems that surround them; they produced decorative, artistic objects as well as objects to meet everyday demands. These craft traditions have had an all pervasive impact in Indian culture leaving an imprint on contemporary visual culture too.

A day-long event, The Word & Image Conference featured international speakers, curators, artists, and collectors, introducing participants to the ancient tradition of scripting in Indian art and craft. It also presented perspectives on the influence of tradition Indian symbolism in the creation of an image, as well as contemporary viewpoints inspired by diasporic identities.