A Walked Line Can Never Be Erased catalogue

Amanda Heng

Creative and Art Director
Bryan Angelo Lim

Graphic Designers
Lim Jia Qing
Deborah Neo

First Printers

A Walked Line Can Never Be Erased features the documentation of and artistic responses to the events that Amanda Heng presented as part of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Let’s Walk.

Amanda embarked on the durational live performance I Walk from the South to the North in September 2017, which saw her travelling alone on foot from Clifford Pier to the Causeway checkpoint in Woodlands. This solo walk continued Amanda’s interest in rituals, exchanges and their relationship with live performance in daily life.

To reflect the idea of stepping on the soft brown sand, the cover was debossed as if to mimic footsteps and impression on a surface.