Bryan Angelo Lim Design director

Understanding the gamut of visual languages and expressions of the region as non-Western forms of visual communication that could be formalised and universalised, the stories and meanings embedded within the objects, performances and rituals in South and Southeast Asia constantly inspire and inform him in his work in contemporary graphic design.

MA (History of Art and Archaeology); BFA (Visual Communication); Dip (Multimedia Technology)

Deborah Neo Junior art director

A nature enthusiast with a passion for history and enjoys watching documentaries. she seeks to translate objective design through simplicity with meaning because life is complicated enough.

Dip (Visual Communication)

Lau Liqin Graphic designer

She is intrigued by the different approaches in design and strives to tackle problems by improving and simplifying usability so that design can be easily understood.

Dip (Visual Communication)

Shirley Tan Web designer

While television programmes and video games often serve as forms of enjoyment and stress-relief for Shirley, it is also a source of inspiration for exploring the many possibilities for visual styles and interactivity.

Dip (Multimedia and Animation)

Vanessa Yeo Graphic designer

With a strong urge to explore anything and everything under the sun, you may find her delving into a new curiosity ever so often, as she strives to solve problems in unorthodox angles and design beyond borders.

BA (Design Communication); Dip (Visual Communication)

Siew Mai Studio cat

Inquisitive despite her quiet and apprehensive nature, she is often found either peeking out of windows or curled up inside her favourite storage box—save for when she is busy at her food bowl.

Har Gao Studio cat

Vocal about her feelings, knows what she wants, and is not afraid to make demands. Curiosity brings out her sense of adventure, evident when she stares longingly at the locked balcony door.