‘Pioneer (Girls) Generation’ production identity and publicity materials

The Necessary Stage


Pioneer (Girls) Generation’, a no-holds-barred comedy by The Necessary Stage with sharp and critical observations about ageing and everything else in Singapore. The production gets you to take a second look at growing old as the characters dive deep to unravel the minds and hearts its realities, especially here in high-cost, fast-paced and ever-changing Singapore. The play was directed by Cultural Medallion winners Alvin Tan and written by Haresh Sharma.

The art direction for the production is a cheeky spin on the SG50 and Pioneer Generation package that flooded our sights and mailboxes in 2015, when Singapore celebrated its milestone 50th year of independence. Turning the common perception of senior persons as conservative on its head, the visuals takes the ubiquitous, corporate template layout style and amped up on the flamboyance and sass. It reflects the desire of the seniors just wanting to relive their youth, let loose and have fun, and also poking fun at how almost all K-pop girl group are all extravagantly similar to each other.

It was performed at the National Museum of Singapore gallery theatre on 26-29 March 2015.

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